RBI Grade B 2024 Notification, Exam Dates, Registration Process & More

RBI Grade B 2024 Notification

When will the RBI Grade B 2024 notification come out? Aspirants wanting to pursue their career with the Central Bank of India “RBI” ask this question. And why shouldn’t they?

After all, this information is important for them to plan their preparation for this exam. Every year RBI recruits aspirants for the Grade B officer posts in different departments.

Among students, it is a high-profile exam that can help them build a flourishing career in the Indian banking sector.

Apart from stating information about RBI Grade B 2024 notification, we have covered details of vacancies, exam dates and the registration process. So, let’s begin!

RBI Grade B 2024 Advertisement Release Expected Month

Considering the usual trend, RBI has been releasing the official notification for the Grade B exam in the first or second quarter. However, the RBI Grade B 2024 advertisement release schedule might not follow the same trend. Reason?

In 2024, there are general elections scheduled to take place from April to May. So, it is highly likely that RBI Grade B 2024 notification release and exam dates will be affected due to it.

See, RBI needs a total of 90 days to complete the whole process of conducting this exam.

Will the Exam be Delayed due to the 2024 General Elections? 

Well, there is a big possibility that the RBI Grade B exam may get postponed due to the 2024 general elections. Back in 2019, even the JEE exam got delayed due to the elections. So, it could be the case for the RBI Grade B exam this year.

Until now, the interview procedure for the RBI Grade B 2023 exam hasn’t been completed. And it is likely to last till December 2023. The final result will be released by January 2024.

So, if RBI goes to conduct the exam before the general elections, it has to release the RBI Grade B 2024 notification at the January end itself. How likely is it to happen? Very Unlikely!

If it happens, Phase 1 and Phase 2 exams will take place. But the interviews? Well, its timings would clash with the elections.

Another possible case is for RBI to release the notification in June after the general elections are over. Does it seem to happen?

Well, it is the most probable scenario because RBI would want the elections to get over before it releases the RBI Grade B 2024 notification.

All these scenarios are just our assumptions. Hence, interested candidates must not delay their preparation due to it. So, if you want to go for this exam, start preparing as soon as possible.

RBI Grade B 2024 Notification PDF Download Link

As soon as the RBI Grade B 2024 advertisement is out, we will give you the link to download it in PDF.

RBI Grade B 2024 vacancies

Candidates often inquire a lot about the number of vacancies for any exam. Similar is the case for the RBI Grade B 2024 vacancies. What’s the expected count this year?

Before answering this, have a look at the data regarding the vacancies for the exam over the last three years. Here it is!

Sr. NoYear Vacancies

After studying the above data, we assume the number of vacancies in the RBI Grade B 2024 exam to stand over 200. Well, it is just an idea and the exact number will be out in the RBI Grade B 2024 notification.

RBI Grade B 2024 Expected Exam Dates 

Information about the RBI Grade B 2024 expected exam dates is vital for aspirants to prepare for the exam effectively.

As per the possibilities mentioned above, the online application start and close dates could be in Jan/Feb and June/July. Here are the tentative exam dates for the Phase 1 and 2 exams:

Phase 1 Exam Expected Dates Phase 2 Exam Expected Dates
March 2024April 2024
June 2024July 2024

We must state clearly that there are just the expected exam dates for the RBI Grade B exam. The exact dates will be updated after the release of the RBI Grade B 2024 notification.

Application for RBI Grade B Exam 2024: Where and How to Apply?

After gaining information about the exam dates, and vacancies, you might be interested to know: How to apply for the RBI Grade B Exam 2024.

Well, the exam registration process is very simple and you just need to go to the official RBI website (https://rbi.org.in/). The steps to apply for the exam are listed below:

Step-by-Step Registration Process

Until now, the RBI Grade B 2024 notification hasn’t been released. So, you won’t get the link to apply for the exam here. But the process to do so will remain the same as the previous year. Here it is!

Step 1: Visit the Official RBI Website 

You need to visit the official RBI website to complete the exam registration process.

Step 2: Click on “Opportunities@RBI” in the footer section of the Home Page 

RBI Grade B Exam Registration Process

After the first step, click on the Opportunities@RBI link mentioned in the footer of the Home Page. This will take you to the next step for registration.

Step 3: Click on “Notifications” in the Menu Bar

RBI Grade B Exam Registration

Once you click on the “Notifications” in the menu bar, you need to find the RBI Grade B 2024 notification from the documents available.

Step 4: Visit the Apply Online Link 

After the previous step, you need to click on the apply online link given in the notification. Following this, you will be directed to the RBI Grade B 2024 exam registration webpage.

Step 5: Click on New Registration 

Following the previous step, click on the New Registration button link visible on the webpage. It will take you to the form-filling step to complete your registration.

Step 6: Fill the Form Using Your Personal Information and Documents 

Now, the process involves filling up the form shown on your screens. And it would require you to submit your personal information along with the required documents.

You must keep your photographer (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm), Signature (with black ink), handwritten declaration, and left thumb impression with yourself.

These are required while completing the RBI Grade B exam registration process. Once you have completed the registration form by inserting your personal and basic details, the next step involves making an online payment.

Step 7: Make Online Payment 

The next step involves making a payment by choosing one method out of debit/credit card, net banking, IMPS, or other available payment options. This makes the completion of the RBI Grade B exam registration process.

Step 8: Log In Using Credentials and Download Application 

Once you are done with the registration, you can fill in your credentials to log in and download your application.


Summing up, we would say that the RBI Grade B 2024 notification hasn’t arrived yet (13 November 2023). Once it is out, we will update the information like exam dates, number of vacancies, application dates, etc.

Aspirants must not wait for the notification and they should start preparing for the exam at the earliest. Remember RBI recruits offers for different departments namely, the General Department, the Department of Economic and Policy Research (DEPR) and the Department of Statics and Information Management (DSIM).

So, make every second count and start preparing for the exam without waiting for the 2024 notification.

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