Write for Us @ MentalHiking – A Premiere Tech, Entertainment & Lifestyle Blog

Information is of the best use when it is shared with other people. That’s why I started the website, Mental Hiking. 

Now, I want to invite other authors from across the globe to share their valuable content with us. It would give them a chance to share their fresh perspectives with curious readers. 

However, I must tell you very clearly that you need to focus on creative and unique content to give some useful information to our readers.

After accepting your draft article, my team would give you genuine feedback regarding the improvements you need to make in your content. Following the revisions, you need to re-submit it to my team to verify it again. 

Believe me, your content will reach the eyes of many readers, potential clients, publishers and employers. And it would give you a good opportunity to learn from it and extend your professional network. 

Moreover, you get to learn new ways to communicate with readers and writing for us will provide you with a much larger audience.

What We Actually Want 

I must state very clearly that we are looking for original and informative content. To satisfy our requirements, you can either submit us a rough draft or a short summary (in 1 or 2 paragraphs) along with a clear outline for your article. 

Before submitting your article, you must structure and format your writing by following these important guidelines. Let’s jot down the list of suggestions below!

  • Your content should clearly reflect your message. In other words, your article should be comprehensive in nature. 
  • Ensure that your post has a human touch and it is interesting to read for every age group of readers. 
  • You must include cited sources, objective arguments, fact checks and opinions in your piece. 

For more information about it, you can see articles on the Mentalhiking home page. Here, you will get to know about the style of writing and formatting we appreciate from remote authors. 

What Type of Content you can write for MentalHiking?

It is also important for your to know beforehand the nature of the content we accept. Here are the things you must keep in mind on this subject:

  • The word count of your blog post can be anywhere between 600 to 2000. However, the average number of words is around 1000
  • It should be easily readable and it must have a casual tone. 
  • It would be better if your content is well explored and covers the major topics in the categories we accept. 
  • Regarding the categories of content, we accept content related to lifestyle, relationships, entertainment, business, technology, travel, influencers, personalities, sports, science & nature, etc. 
  • Beware of writing any content that promotes violence and political conflicts. We would not accept content related to guns, drugs or other harmful products. 

Guidelines Regarding Writing & Submission of Post 

These are the guidelines related to the submission of content that you must adhere to: 

  • The content you submit must fulfill our site’s writing standards and we have the right to make edits to it or reject it altogether. 
  • You must include links to informative/relevant sources in your article. However, you must not include promotional links in it. Also, you must not link to our competitors. The links should be relatable and they should be limited in number (for instance, 3 links for 1000 words). 
  • There shouldn’t be any plagiarism in your content. Also, your content should not be published on any other site (including your site) on the internet. 
  • It is advised to include relevant images and videos in your article. It increases the chances of engagement a lot. 
  • Your images should not violate copyright laws and you must give credit when needed. 
  • The size of your images should be 1200 px * 800 px. Try to send compressed images, if possible. 

How to Submit 

In order to submit your article/post, you can contact us by filling in your details. Follow these guidelines regarding the submission of your article:

  • Preferably, we accept submissions in Google Documents. However, you can also send your articles in a text file. 
  • We would not approve your article immediately after you submit it. Rather, our team will review it and suggest some changes to make in it (If needed). In case, we like your article at first glance, we would let you know. 
  • After you have made changes and followed our suggestions, you need to send your revised draft again. You will be notified whether it is suitable for publication or needs more changes in it. 
  • We may not be able to submit your article immediately as there might be other articles in the queue waiting for approval or submission. However, we would give you a certain date on which we would publish it successfully.