10 Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen and Clean Air 

Indoor Plants at home

It is a common fact that green plants and trees support human life by providing oxygen to all humans. While we take complete advantage of the fresh air when we go to a green location, we often fail to establish some greenery for our own selves. 

Studies have shown that keeping plants that look good and offer great advantages within the home premises is highly advantageous in multiple ways. The air becomes cleaner, and the body, mind and soul become calmer. It helps you create a safe space within your home where you can breathe safely and feel healthy. 

If you, too, are keen on improving the indoor health of your house while also adding beauty to it, we have created a list of the 10 best indoor plants for oxygen that will help you accomplish what you are looking for. 

1. Areca Palm

Also known as Golden Palm, Butterfly Palm and Yellow Palm, Areca Palm is a gorgeous and advantageous plant. These lovely tropical trees produce a lot of oxygen, especially when two of these are placed together. They also work to remove dangerous pollutants and toxins from the home environment, such as xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. 

Areca Palm Indoor Plant
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You need to store this plant in filtered light and do not forget to water it frequently. For best results, you can take them outside once every 3-4 months. The dung used to grow these plants should be vermin dung for the most effective results. Based on the area of your home, having two to four shoulder-high plants is enough for the purification of your home and its air. 

2. Snake Plant

Another superb plant highly appreciated for its efficiency in producing oxygen is the Snake Plant. It is also known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue, as the leaves are in the shape of pointed tips looking like a sharp tongue! 

Snake Plants in Clay Pot
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Snake plant is good for producing air and has been popular plant for decorating offices and houses for years. It undertakes photosynthesis in the daytime and respirates at night, which means that it inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide at night. Therefore, it should not be kept in the bedroom or other places, especially at night. 

However, it purifies air by giving out oxygen in the day and absorbing nitrogen oxide, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and other toxic pollutants. You should not overwater it, as excessive moisture will make it rot. 

3. Peace Lily

An alluring plant that enhances the beauty of your home while offering it healthy air and environment. They are suitable for homes as they are considered to be a symbol of charm, prosperity and good fortune. It is one of the most oxygen-producing plants, which also works to eliminate impurities that are airborne. 

Peace Lily Plant at Home
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Peace lilies effectively remove benzene and trichloroethylene, which are the most common pollutants found in homes and workplaces. However, these plants can be a little high-maintenance. 

4. Pothos

Next on our list is this lovely active foliage plant which requires minimal maintenance and offers impeccable results. It works to provide great quantities of oxygen while also eliminating harmful and unwanted pollutants.

Pothos Plant Pot
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Its high rate of conversion is a feature that makes it one of the best house plants for oxygen. It also releases oxygen at night, which lets you have a peaceful sleep. 

5. Aloe Vera

The benefits of having Aloe Vera are unparalleled, and clean air is one of them. Its oxygen-increasing and air-cleaning capabilities help you fill your house with healthy air. Aloe Vera produces oxygen, even at night, and thus can be placed in bedrooms as well. 

Aloe Vera Plant Pot

It helps remove common toxins from the indoor air, making it safe to breathe. Aloe Vera is also a medicinal plant, and its gel is used to naturally improve the quality of your skin and hair and for various other healthy purposes. Thus, having Aloe Vera at your home is a must. 

6. Succulent Plant (Lakshmi Kamal)

Looking like a green-coloured Lotus flower, succulent plants can prove to be an amazing addition to your home or any other indoor space. The plant signifies life and renaissance and is helpful to human beings in a plethora of ways. Most importantly, it is one of the best oxygen purifier plants

Succulent Plant Pots
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For best results, you must keep it in the shade and indirect sunlight. It can grow in a variety of climates and requires very little care and maintenance. When small, the plant looks really cute and has waxy leaves forming the shape of a full-grown Lotus. The plant is highly beneficial for providing you with oxygen-filled clean air while also eliminating unwanted pollutants from the premises. 

7. Gerbera Daisy

A super-attractive and beautiful-looking plant that also works wonders in cleaning the air of your home is Gerbera Daisy. It is accompanied by gorgeous flowers and is often used as a decorative element in gardens and homes. It is a wonderful source of oxygen, and it is known to eliminate contaminants to make the air clean and breathable. 

gerbera daisy plant

At night too, it releases oxygen and collects CO2. The plant is highly beneficial at night, and you can even keep them at your bedside. It helps provide you with calm and improved sleep and cures issues such as sleep apnea or breathing problems. The plants add colour to your room, along with an unending source of oxygen. 

8. Tulsi

The holy plant of Southeast Asia and India, Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a spiritual foliage, a medicinal plant and an amazing oxygenating house plant. It is often called the “Queen of Herbs” as it has amazing medicinal and religious importance. 

Basil leaves
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Tulsi has the power to cure cough, cold, asthma, high blood pressure, cholestrol, etc. It also cures stress and inflammation. The best part about this plant is that it produces oxygen for around 20 hours a day while also removing harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the air. 

9. Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig is a small plant featuring dense, glossy leaves. It is perfect for home decoration, not to forget the amazing features it comes with. The plant works to provide amazing levels of oxygen and filters out hazardous toxins. 

Weeping Fig plant leaves

Having a plant of Weeping Figs within your home premises can help improve immunity, mental strength and energy levels while also increasing oxygen levels. These plants can be used in closed spaces such as homes and offices. 

10. Spider Plant

Spider plant is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance indoor plant. It has long tendril leaves, which add four moons to your area. But what makes it more prominent is that it is great at producing oxygen. 

Spider Indoor Plant in a pot

Spider Plant filters carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde from the air and replaces it with oxygen. Also, the plant is considered beneficial for stress management and aiding anxiety. Spider Plant distributes positive energy in any space, providing you with a healthier and much better living experience. 


The quality of the air outside our homes is deteriorating day by day, and people often fail to recognise the ill effects this causes on the indoor environment of our homes too. Indoor pollution is an actual thing, and inhaling polluting and toxic air can be really harmful to your health. 

To curb this issue, people often find solutions such as air purifiers, oxidizers and other types of machinery. They often miss out on how great effects natural plants within our homes can offer us. Being surrounded by these lovely-looking plants can provide you with an aesthetic sense of pleasure and relaxation. 

Also, they help improve the air you inhale, provide you with better oxygen and help you stay safe from diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, etc. So adorn your home with these best indoor plants for oxygen, and see the changes in your life and health for yourself! 

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