10+ Best Low Light Indoor Trees for Dark Corners of Your Home

Decorating your home isn’t an easy job. You need to cater to the needs of every corner and edge to bring it to perfection. If you love to add aesthetic and advantageous decor to your home, you will understand the importance of indoor plants. 

However, people often refrain from adding plants to their interiors as they are high maintenance and require sunlight, water and outdoor air. If you, too, are in this perplexion, we have come up with the perfect solution for you! 

Today, we will talk about some of the best low-light indoor trees and plants which you can install beautifully in your house. You do not need to worry about giving them ample sunlight, and they can even thrive in the darkest corners of your home. So check out these trees, and by the end of this article, we are sure you will have enough ideas for interior decoration for your abode! 

1. Rubber Plants

Featuring broad, waxy leaves, rubber plants are a good choice for indoor plants and trees. Also known as Ficus elastica, these are one of the most famous indoor plants for homes and all other indoor spaces. 

Rubber Plant in Pot
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These trees can grow up to 10 feet in height or even more, depending upon the height of your indoor space. The colour of the leaves can range from deep green to almost black. 

These plants are capable of growing in lower light conditions. However, you must try to bring in already-grown plants, as the small plants will take a lot time to grow to your desired height. If you prefer small plants, you can always bring in a low-light bonsai rubber plant

You also do not need to take too much care for the same; only a little moist soil and a little sunlight will do. 

2. Lady Palm

One of the most famous low-light indoor trees which people have been using for years to decorate their homes is Lady Palm. They can adjust to any amount of light in the room/home you live in. They are also capable of thriving in typical household temperatures, which make them perfect for all kind of indoors. 

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While they can tolerate a little bit of drought, it is better to offer them regular water and fertilising, especially in summer. Also, they might call for regular fertilizing during the warmer months. 

3. Parlor Palm

Since the Victorian era, low-light parlor palms have been adding grace to the houses of people. They are one of the best indoor plants which are decorative and can thrive in low light. Their low-maintenance nature makes them a suitable option for indoor trees. 

Parlour Palm Leaves
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With ridged bamboo-like stems and tropical fonds, these plants are very easy to take care of. They will quickly adapt to your indoors and can thrive on little or no water too. However, you must ensure that the soil doesn’t turn soggy to eliminate the chances of rot. Also, they survive the best in humid conditions, so you must keep them away from windows and ACs

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig

With beautiful dark green leaves, the Fiddle leaf Fig plant thrives the best in low light. However, the plant is huge with a beautiful canopy that forms above the trunk, and thus they must be placed in spacious rooms and areas only. 

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The plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight and thus must be kept in dark corners. Also, inadequate irrigation can lead to problems such as yellowing of the leaves, black patches, spots, etc. It also doesn’t demand too much irrigation as it is not a heavy feeder. 

5. Alii Ficus

Commonly known as a Banana leaf ficus, Alii ficus is today amongst the best low-maintenance indoor trees and plants. While it is new to the houseplant market, ficus collectors surely have this in their homes or office spaces. With sword-like leaves which start with a red colour and eventually turn green, Banan leaf ficus adds a tropical vibe to your home. 

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The plant can be altered to suit your home interior, and it can thrive happily in low-light conditions. They are less temperamental and can tolerate temperature fluctuations for short periods. However, they need plenty of water to survive. 

6. Corn Plant

An interesting tree that can completely change the outlook of your arena is Corn Plant. It is also called fake palms because of its long-slender leaves which come out of thick stems. In the middle of the leaves runs down a yellow stripe which makes them more fascinating. 

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These plants need a little to thrive, and too much sunlight can cause them to rot. However, you must ensure you plant it in well-draining soil and place it in humid environments. Also, this plant should be kept away from cats and dogs, as it is toxic to these animals. 

7. Money Plant/Tree

A Money Plant/ Tree is often seen in home settings due to a belief that it brings prosperity to the households. However, another feature that makes it worth installation at your home is that it can grow even in low light. The braided trunk and the five-lobed leaves of the tree make it a captivating addition to your home’s essence. 

You, however, need to ensure that you serve it with lots of water, especially in hot climatic conditions. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and its soil moist with water, and its leaves will bring prosperity and beauty to your home. 

8. Areca Palm

Also known as Bamboo Palm, Areca Palm is another low-light plant perfect for indoor settings. The plant looks great and has minimalistic light requirements. Also, irrigating it merely once a week will do the trick to keep it healthy and fully blossomed. 

Areca Palm Indoor Plant

You must choose the pot carefully while planting an Areca Palm and ensure it is loose and porous. Also, you must fertilise it at least 2 times a year to help it thrive. The silvery-green trunk of the plant, along with the yellowish hue, will surely adorn your place perfectly. 

9. Bird of Paradise

If you are in search of the perfect flowering indoor tree that can survive in low light and looks magnificent in your home, you must go for Bird of Paradise. It comes with beautiful flowers which are a blend of orange, blue and yellow colour. Also, the plant features blue-green, silvery-green and dark-green foliage, which adds more grace to it. 

While the plant needs sunlight to be its best version, it can also thrive in low-light conditions. So it cannot be placed in the darkest corners but in areas that receive some amount of sunlight. Also, you must water it once a week, just when you feel that the soil is completely dry.  

10. Madagascar Dragon Tree

When it comes to low-light needing tall indoor trees, we cannot skip Madagascar Dragon Tree from the list. The tree has beautiful long and pointy leaves, which appear to be airy balls on soft trunks. The leaves are dark green in colour, with streaks of purplish-red lines.

You can keep the plant anywhere as it can grow in bright light as well as low light conditions. It can even tolerate drought, and you can avoid the hassle of watering it again and again. However, you should water it every once in a while. While it thrives better in high humidity, it can also grow in the average air moisture of the home. 


The 10 breathtaking low-maintenance and low-light indoor trees can be used beautifully by you to decorate your home. Set them up in your living area, library or any other place to feel a tropical vibe in your house setting. You can purchase small plants or grow them on your own, or purchase full-grown trees, according to the space in your home. 

So adorn your house with these pretty little elements and keep them in the darkest corners or any place you find apt, without the fear of rotting! 

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