10 Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Friend One Should Notice

characteristics of a best friend

Friendship is a priceless gift for every person as it enriches the quality of life. It is a mutual relationship that requires consistent efforts from both sides. What are the qualities of a good friend one should consider? It seems a simple question, but not many people can answer it correctly.

It is the reason why numerous people end up making false friends. Surprisingly, they can’t even distinguish between a friend, an acquaintance, and a peer. Moreover, they take clues from fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes to interpret how a close friend should look like.

If you also take inspiration about friendship from TV series, you need to pause for some time. Here, in this post, I have mentioned the characteristics of a good friend to help you find a reliable friend in life.

Before we dive into this subject, it is important to ponder a fundamental question: Why do we need friends? Below you will get the answer for it. Alongside, you will also get to know the qualities of a good friend and what it takes to be a true companion.

Need for a Good Friend

a girl offering a helping hand to his friend

Someone has rightly said, “Friendship is another form of Love.” In friendship, two persons can express themselves completely. Following are two important reasons for the need for a friend:

  • Every person is a social animal, so he needs someone to share his feelings, thoughts, and emotions. A true friend listens to his friend without any judgment.
  • Friendship gives a sense of belongingness to a person and it eliminates thoughts of loneliness from his mind.

Traits of a Good Friend

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On the subject of good friend qualities, most people enter a state of confusion. Simply put, they judge or weigh another person based on his outer looks.

Their pre-conceived notion and perception about a person form the basis of their decision to make friends. But when they don’t feel a sense of satisfaction in friendship, they don’t understand what exactly they want.

Qualities of a Good Friend that Form a Strong Bond of Friendship:

These are some of the qualities to look for in a friend to strike a strong friendship bond. If you notice someone with these traits, then make some efforts to befriend that person.


Trust is the root of friendship on which this bond flourishes and provides stability to involved persons. Trustworthiness is one of the qualities of a true friend that makes friendship long-lasting.

Good friends are not easy to find these days. So, a person must search for a trustworthy friend while making true friends. A trustworthy friend is an asset with whom you can comfortably share anything.

Being Supportive

No man is an island” indicates every person needs some support in a certain phase of his life. A good friend supports his friend in bad times. A bad time is a real test for friendship.

Only those who show up in bad times are actually good friends. Being supportive is one of the qualities of a good friend and it really defines the character of a person. Also, it also helps to improve the emotional well-being of a person and take him out of a situation of self doubt.

Kindness – One of the Vital Qualities of a Good Friend

Sadly, most people consider kindness as a weakness, but it is not true. In fact, kindness is a virtue that not many people possess. Among all the best friend qualities, kindness enjoys a strong value.

A kind friend can give many physical and mental health benefits to a person. Moreover, a kind friend can give the right support required in friendship.

Being Helpful

Being helpful is one of the characteristics of a best friend that one should consider. You should feel confident about calling a friend when you need any help. If he makes excuses at the time of need, then he is not a good friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.” It is a famous quote that defines the true essence of friendship. A helpful friend is a must for getting the right emotional and mental support in difficult times.

friends offering an emotional support to their friend


While counting the qualities of a good friend, no one should leave honesty behind. So, how many honest friends do you have? Usually, the answer to this question doesn’t cross the number 6.

And it isn’t easy to find good friends these days. But, an honest friend never hides anything from you and he says every important thing on his face. It keeps a sacred bond of friendship intact and fulfilling.

Good Character

No matter how wide your friend circle is, if you don’t have any friends with a good character, then it’s of no use. A good character is something inherent and not easy to develop in adulthood.

A strong character is one of the qualities to look for in a friend. And it allows a person to share even an important subject with him. And you can trust your friend blindly on some personal subjects without worrying.

A Good Listening Ability

A sensitive person with a good listening ability makes a good friend. Not every time a person needs coaching as he also needs to express himself with someone. Hence, a person who actively listens and reciprocates should be on your friend list.

Strong listening ability is one of the best friend traits that really adds up to a strong friendship. So, besides the above-listed qualities of a good friend, a good listening ability also matters a lot. It shows mutual respect in a friendship.

Empathetic and Non-Judgemental

Empathy and non-judgemental nature are the two important traits that make others feel comfortable around a person. Clearly, no one needs judgment over small or big things. Therefore, a friend must have these two traits so that a person could approach him comfortably.

Fun to be Around and Self-Confident

No one loves to be around a serious, pessimistic, and depressing person. But, on the other hand, everyone needs fun and joy in life, which good friends can fulfill easily. So, if a person is fun to be around and self-confident, he can be a good friend.

So, these are some of the qualities of a good friend that make friendship really fulfilling and enjoyable. To sum up, we can say that one should not just look for intelligence. But he should also consider these characteristics of a good friend while starting a friendship with a new person.

Qualities that Make a Good Friend

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“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” It is a common trait that states why friendship involves mutual efforts to sustain. But, oftentimes, people put so many expectations in their friendship. And sometimes, the burden becomes difficult to bear for both partners that friendship comes to an end.

A good bond of friendship is one in which both friends work to fulfill each others’ expectations. Basically, the point is to help each other grow in life. This only happens when there is a clear understanding of each others’ goals.

If you note down some qualities of a good friend, it is also important for you to keep in mind a few things to be a good friend. Here are some of the things that one must take care of in a true friendship:

1. Keep a Balance Between Friendship and Personal Needs

It is necessary to maintain a balance between good friends and the work you do. First, the focus should be on self-preservation and then you should invest in friendship. Remember, no friend will lead you to success.

And even the very best friends can harm you unintentionally. Friendship is a manageable relationship and it only works if friends prioritize their needs in a deep friendship.

2. Don’t Attribute Your Friend to Be Your Guide

Inspired by movies, many people commit a mistake in their friendships. The blunder they do is they attribute their friend as their guide. As a result, they blame their friend for every wrong thing that happened in their lives. As a result, their bond of friendship weakens over time.

Is Intelligence Necessary on the List of the Qualities of a Good Friend?

three friends glaring at their common friend

Intelligence seems a fascinating thing in a person and many people choose their friends based on their intelligence level. But, is it really a good criterion to choose a friend? Where does intelligence stand on the list of characteristics of a good friend? Let’s weigh the role of intelligence in a friendship.

To begin with, the trait of intelligence is a common criterion for many people to choose their friends. However, it makes more sense in the fictional world. For example, many Tv series, including Sherlock Holmes, inspire people to chase intelligent & good friends.

Simply put, a good friendship requires a person to share even secrets with an assurance of safety. If you befriend an intelligent person, then it will definitely be a plus point for you. But is that all matters in cultivating a strong bond of friendship?

The simple answer to this question is: No. A friend should be someone with whom you can share your feelings and emotions easily. And he should be available in an emergency.

So, it is wise to rely on the different qualities of a good friend we mentioned above. It will help you grow together in friendship to yield positive results in each other’s personalities.

What Type of Friends Should You Avoid?

Friendship should contribute to an improvement in the overall personality of a person. Therefore, if your friend is sabotaging you and affecting your progress in life, you should end your friendship then and there.

But remember, good friends are necessary to help a person in the most painful moments. So, one should focus on making close friends to make life’s journey easy. Friends can facilitate a person to become a better person in life.

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