Forest Conservation & Wildlife Protection – Best Ways to Do It

importance of conservation of forest and wildlife

Forest are the lungs of the Earth and it becomes everyone’s duty to focus on forest & wildlife protection. As a result, the subject of forest conservation has come into the limelight over the last two decades. And the prime reason for it – incessant shedding of trees from the forest land.

Forests don’t just give us oxygen, but they also give us many valuable natural resources. So, aren’t we all owe the responsibility to conserve forests & wildlife?

Humans should not forget that the greed of development is leading us to an unsustainable environment. It has given birth to global warming and climate change issues. And soon, it will show its repercussions on the life of every human.

“The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live.” – Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan

The above quote clearly defines the importance of the world’s forests for humans. Besides, it also hints at the need for the conservation of forests and wildlife to retain the forest cover. In this post, you will get to know the role of forests and wildlife in human survival.

Alongside, you will gain information about the need and the ways to conserve forest & wildlife. So, let’s begin this discussion without any delay.

Role of Forests and the Importance of the Conservation of Forest Resources

we need to conserve our forests and wildlife

What role does the forest play in our lives? To answer this question, I have mentioned the importance of forests for humans and the environment. After reading this, you will realize why we need to conserve our forests and wildlife. Here is all you need to know on this subject

  • Forests provide us with sufficient oxygen to survive in everyday life. Through the process of photosynthesis, forests help produce oxygen, which animals & humans breathe.
  • Besides supplying oxygen, tropical forests also store carbon dioxide from the environment. Thus, they help reduce air pollution and global warming.
  • Forests also maintain the water cycle in the environment. They do so by controlling the level of moisture in the ecosystem. Hence, they are essential for maintaining the right balance in the ecosystem.
  • Forests help to prevent soil pollution by keeping soil erosion in check.
  • If tropical forests are gone, where do the animals survive? It is an important question that compels everyone to focus on forest conservation. Forests are the homes of animals, birds, and many millions of species.
  • Forests provide raw materials and hence they act as a source of employment for millions of people in local communities.

I think the above reasons are sufficient to justify the conservation and protection of forests to safeguard natural resources. Now, how to conserve the forests and wildlife areas? Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know much about this subject.

And they think it’s a challenging task for anyone to accomplish. However, in reality, it is that difficult. So, to make things easier for you, I have mentioned the ways to conserve forests and wildlife.

Conservation of Forest and Wildlife – Best Ways to Follow

forest protection is a must for the ecological balance

When it comes to forest conservation, everyone knows some of the common ways for it. But it is necessary to gain clarity by learning this subject in detail. Then, you can choose the best way to conserve forest for yourself out of all the below-mentioned ways.

Planned Cutting of Trees

Let’s admit it! It is not entirely possible to stop cutting trees and put an end to deforestation. What we can do is opt for regulated and planned cutting of trees. Not only would it contribute to controlling deforestation, but it would also help maintain the right wildlife balance.

A simple strategy to follow in this context – not cutting the growing trees. Selective cutting is what everyone should focus on to prevent excessive deforestation. Indeed, it would contribute to ensuring the protection of forests in any given wildlife area.

Putting a Check on Forest Fires

Accidental or caused by humans, forest fires have become a subject of worry for the world. Now and then, we hear about the outbreak of forest fires, bringing widespread destruction.

And such news of wildlife fires has become a hot topic globally. So it is no surprise that forest fires are challenging to control in any given area. So the only effective way to prevent them is by taking appropriate precautions on time.

Under this comes making fire lanes, using chemicals to control fire, and removing dry leaves and trees from the wildlife areas.

Focus on Planting Trees

In the first point, I mentioned practicing limited deforestation. But, to be honest, only deforestation will not suffice in the case of forest conservation.

What we all need to focus on is planting more & maintaining forested areas. Already, school authorities and other NGOs educate students & adults about planting new trees.

And it does matter a lot in creating the right balance in the ecosystem. It would not only reduce the effect of deforestation, but it would also keep a check on environmental pollution.

According to the FAO report, the total forest area stands at 4.06 billion hectares. However, forest distribution is not uniform around the globe. That’s why there is a dire need to plant more trees to bring uniformity to the forest area.

Organizations like World Wildlife Fund are making efforts on this front. However, it is also the responsibility of every human being to plant trees.

Establish Proper Forest Management Bodies – A Essential Step in Forest Conservation

It is imperative to establish proper forest management bodies. Only then will it be possible for us to maintain the wildlife area. Moreover, it will help to control wildlife actions appropriately.

Focus on Improving Farming Practices

Adopting the proper farming practices is an essential step in improving farming practices in general. In addition, sustainable agriculture could play a vital role in the conservation of forests and wildlife.

Farming practices like slash & burn farming, overgrazing by cattle, and shifting agriculture lead to harmful environmental impacts. And they lead to the destruction of forests. So, it is vital to keep these farming practices in control to increase the forest area.

Use Forest Products Responsibly

What’s devastating is humans don’t use forest products responsibly. And it reflects in the reckless usage of forest products as they are limited. For example, humans use the central part of trees and leave the other parts as debris.

Hence, it leads to the excessive extinction of trees to meet the demand for forest products. All we need to do is adopt a responsible attitude towards using forest products. Only then, it will become possible to conserve natural resources.

Put a Check on Unnecessary Forest Clearances

One cannot refrain from the fact that we need industrialization for progress and development. But should it come at the cost of depletion of forest resources? Of course not, right? Then, a person must take responsible actions towards protecting the forests.

And it is the only way for us to take an influential part in the forest conservation campaign. We must think of creating a sustainable environment for our future generations. The first and the primary step is by conserving and protecting forests by doing sustainable development.

Strict Actions by Government to Protect Forests

Yead, it is true that only government cannot focus on protecting the forests and wildlife. People are also responsible for it. But to spread the light on environmental awareness and protect against illegal logging of forests, governments should take strict actions. Organization USDA Forest Service plays a key role on this subject.

On this subject, the best way is by introducing strict laws to conserve forests and wildlife. Governments can work with NGOs associated with this cause to spread the right word about forest & wildlife conservation.

Many NGOs like World Wildlife Fund are working to spread awareness about ways to conserve and protect forests. Also, blue Forest Conservation is a reputed NGO that aims is to create sustainable financial solutions. And blue forest conservation involves attempts to meet critical environmental challenges.

What if We Fail to Meet Wildlife and Forest Conservation Goals?

afforestation is the best way to conserve forest

Until now, you know how essential forests are for human survival and the environment. So, it is of the utmost importance to take critical steps for the protection of forests & their conservation.

What will happen if we destroy all forests? Simply put, it would lead to grave consequences beyond imagination. Following are the reasons why we need to conserve our forests and wildlife:

  • Protection of Animals’ Habitat – If tropical & boreal forests go extinct, animals and other species will lose their habitats. And it would lead to their entry into humans’ homes. And it would invite the killing of animals by humans. Moreover, it would also create an ecological imbalance in nature.
  • Heat Waves Will Become Prevalent – Forests help control the level of rainfall and prevent heat waves. If the world’s forests are not there, then Earth would see a boom in its temperature due to excess carbon dioxide.
    And it would lead to the speedy melting of glaciers, resulting in floods and other natural disasters. Issues like global warming and climate change will become common after the extinction of tropical rainforests.
  • Disruption of Human Survival – Destruction of forests will lead to the creation of imbalance in the environment. Eventually, it would lead to trouble for human survival.
    The scarcity of the world’s forests will lead to fights for wood & plant materials between humans. In addition, a steady rise in global temperature will make human survival difficult.

So, this is all about the roles of forests and the ways to focus on forest conservation. I hope you understand the importance of forest protection and conservation. Apart from the ways mentioned above, if you have any suggestions, you can share them in the comments section.

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