Mongolian Food : 22 Best Traditional Mongolian Dishes, #4 You Must Try!

A Declicious Mangolian Cuisine

We know you are a foodie. How? Because you are here looking for some new cuisine to try. Right? Well, you came to the right place. We all know that each place and country have their specialty and uniqueness in food to offer. And, that specialty and uniqueness are formed from years of tradition and the geographical location of that country majorly. For today, we are here to tell you the 22 Best Mongolian Food Dishes you should not miss, Make sure you try at least once in your life.

But, before that let us tell you a bit about Mongolian recipes. Mongolian cuisine is mostly meat-based items like mutton, shredded beef, camel, horse meat, sheep even marmot, and many dairy products. Their food is very simple and the use of vegetables and spices is minimal.

The Mongols also have dishes based on noodles and soups. Because of the influence of Russian and Chinese cuisine as they share borders with these countries and have deep historic ties. Therefore, Mongolian foods are a must-try for all those who have a great interest in trying different food items especially meat-based.

Best Traditional Mongolian Food Dishes You Should NOT Miss!

Here is the list of 22 Mongolian foods you should try at least once. This list includes

  • Authentic Mongolian meal
  • Traditional Mongolian Sweet/Dessert
  • Mongolian Drinks
  • Mongolian Hot Pot

So Let’s dive right into it and check the best authentic Mongolian foods.

1. Khorkhog(Xapxor in Mongolian) – Authentic Mongolian Barbecue

A barbeque dish in mangolian cuisine

Khorkhog or Xapxor is a traditional Mongolian meal dish. This dish is prepared from lamb or goat meat. First, the meat is cut into pieces of the proper size without removing bones. And to cook it, heated rocks and water are used mostly in a metal container.

If you are interested in barbeque then this popular Mongolian dish is a must-try for you. Although the dish is very famous among Mongolians, it is not generally served in restaurants in Mongolia.

2. Boodog(Goat or Marmot meat barbecue)

Mongolian cuisine dish of barbecued goat or Tarbagan marmot

Boodog is also a very famous Mongolian Food. Also, there is not much difference between the process of cooking Khorkhog or Boodgog. The only difference is that for khorkhog, the meat is placed with vegetables inside the pot, then the whole food is cooked on the fire. Whereas in Boodog, instead of the pot the stones, meat, and vegetables are placed within the abdomen of the animal.

And because it is cooked directly on the stones, the meat gets a unique and delicious taste which you will like for sure. Also, the Mongolians use this cooking technique on very special occasions.

3. Guriltai Shul(Mongolian Noodle Soup)

A bowl of Mongolian Noodle Soup

Guriltai Shul is generally known as Mongolian Noodle Soup. It is a very simple yet tasty noodle soup. It includes meat, mostly beef or sometimes sheep meat also, vegetables and noodles. The soup is very simple and the taste comes from the meat and the vegetables used.

Mongolian people eat this in everyday life. And, you must try this soup and explore its delicious taste in its simplicity.

4. Mongolian Hot pot

a bowl of Mangolian Soup food

Mongolian Hot pot is a must-try and very famous among all Mongolian Food. As the name says it is made in a hotpot. It is a soup food that mainly includes thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, etc.

As it is considered as the main food, it can be enjoyed with or without any other separate course like noodles and rice, etc. The additional ingredients can be any kind of meat and vegetables you want to have.

It is easily available anywhere. Also, this is the most delicious soup you will ever taste in Mongolian cuisine. So, you must try this savory dish at least once.

5. Buuz(Mongolian Dumplings)

Mongolian steamed dumplings filled with meat

Buuz is commonly known as Mongolian dumplings. It is a steamed Mongolian dumpling filled with meat. The meat used is mostly mutton or Mongolian beef. They are also eaten with deep fried bread, salads, Suutei Tsai, and Vodka.

It is the most common traditional Mongolian Food you will find anywhere.

6. Tsuivan(Mongolian Deep Fried Noodle)

Mongolian Fried Noodle

Tsuivan is a very popular dish in Mongolian Cuisine. And if you are a noodle lover then you must try this stir fried noodle Tsuivan.

Tsuivan is a traditional Mongolian Noodle dish prepared usually with mutton and vegetables. Sometimes beef, camel, or horse meat is used instead of mutton. This is one of the best Mongolian Dishes to taste.

7. Khuushuur/Huushuur(Mogolian Meat Pastry)

Mogolian Meat Pastry

Khuushuur also known as Huushuur are the meat dumplings or pastries popular in Mongolian Cuisine. They are small and half-moon in shape pastries.

You can also find vegetable stuffed huushuur mostly filled with potatoes, cabbage, etc also. This Mongolian Dumpling item is also the chief dish during the Naadam festival in Mongolia. You should try this meat pastry, one of its kind.

8. Budaatai Huurga(Stir Fried Rice)

Stir Fried Rice

Budaatai Huurga is a meal dish made from rice and fried with onions and meat, usually of sheep or beef, in a covered frying pan. And also it is more delicious when enjoyed with a side dish like salad.

9. Uuz

Uuz is a special dish Mainly cooked on a special occasion. Also, this Mangolian cuisine is pure meat-based.

The meat is a lower fatty back and tail portion of mutton or sheep and it is steamed for 3 to 5 hours to prepare. Uuz is a very simple and savory dish to try.

10. Chanasan Makh

Chasan Makh - A boiled meat Mangolian dish

Chanasan makh is the most simple and traditional dish in Mongolian Food commonly cooked for breakfast. It is also a staple food among Mongolians. And to prepare Chanasan Makh, the meat (sheep, beef, goat) is taken into pieces with bones and simply boiled in salty water.

Though it is only a meat dish, sometimes vegetables are also used. This is a very simple yet very delicious dish to try.

11. Bansh

Bansh - A boiled meat dish

Bansh dish is similar to Buuz. Also, it is made on special days and to prepare it wheat flour, meat for filling, and some garlic, onion, herbs, and spices are used. The meat usually used is ground beef, other meat can also be used instead of beef.

Once the meat filling is done, then the bansh is boiled in water with a pinch of salt. Therefore, this is a very simple and healthy dish you must try.

12. Uuts

Uuts is a famous dish among Mongols. The dish is the whole sheeps back portion. And, to cook it, a big pot full of water is used along with salt and left outside to freeze.

13. Gambir(Mongolian Dessert)

Gambir is nothing but the Mongolian version of Pancakes. Although it is made from just two ingredients and they are flour and water, they are very simple and very tasty. And, it is very simple and easy to prepare.

Mongolian do not have complicated food, their food is very simple and yet very tasty. So, If you want to taste some dessert in Mongolian food then Gambir is the dish to consider. All the below-mentioned items are now snacks and beverages.

14. Boortsog(cookies)

a plate full of a fried dough food

If you wonder what Mongolian snack to try then here is your answer. Boortsog or also known as bawirsaq, boorsoq, baursak is a fried dough cookie. At first, this is made by putting the dough flat and then cutting it into pieces. After that those pieces are made into different shapes. Also, the dough consists of yeast, milk, eggs, salt, sugar, etc.

Therefore all things add up and make this perfect cookie you must try.

15. Ul Boov(Traditional Biscuit)

A traditional Mangolian Biscuit

Ul boov is traditional Mangolian biscuits with layers. Also, different designs are punched on biscuits and every family has its own unique print. And, the number of layers represents the prosperity of the family.

It is very popular among Mongolians and you should try it out.

16. Aaruul(Dried cheese curd)

A bowl of Dried cheese curd

As we mentioned earlier Mongolian Food is richly based on Meat and dairy products, Aaruul is one among their many famous dairy foods. It is dried milk and is mainly eaten along with yogurt in breakfast. And also can be made with or without sugar.

17. Tarag(Mongolian Yogurt)

A bowl full of Mongolian Yogurt

Tarag is a Mongolian yogurt and it is probably the tastiest among all dairy products. It is made using any animal’s milk like sheep, cows, goats, etc.

18. Eezgii

Containers of Mangolian Food "Eezgii"

Eezgii is a sour Mongolian Dairy product. Yes! Sour and it is also very tasty to try. To begin with, Yogurt is added to milk. After that, the mixture is boiled for 4-5 hours. In the end, the product left is the Eezgii which is very tasty. You should taste it once.

19. Zookhii

Zookhii is probably the simplest Mongolian dairy product. In the making process, the milk is simply allowed to rest in a warm place. After some hours the fat on top of the milk is separated and churned and we get the zookhii.

This is how simple the Zookhi is. You should try it.

20. Airag(Mongol’s fermented drink)

Mongol's fermented drink

Airag is also known as Kumis, is Mongolia’s most famous traditional drink. It is also Mongolia’s national drink and it is made of fermented Mare’s milk. Airag tastes sour at first but after some time you get used to it. In Mongolian Beverage/drinks, you should choose Airag.

21. Suutei Tsai(Mongolia’s Millet and green salty milk tea)

Mongolia's Millet and green salty milk tea

Have you ever heard of Salty tea? Well, here is the one. Suutei Tea is Mongolia’s traditional Milk tea, salty in taste. It is generally made from water, milk, green tea, and salt. Therefore, the taste is salty. Also, sometimes fried millet. This milk tea is a very simple Mongolian beverage one would want to taste.

22. Vodka/Milk Vodka

Milk Vodka - A Famous Beverage in Mangolian Food

Vodka is a famous beverage in Mongolian Food. They are drinking it for the longest time remembered. The most famous vodka there is Chengis vodka named after Ghengis Khan.

Milk vodka or Arkhi is a very famous Traditional Beverage among Mongolians which is distilled with fermented Tarag. You must give it a shot if you like alcoholic beverages.


Every country’s food culture is determined by its geographical location. Likewise, Mongolian food is also influenced by its land position. The Mongolian Cuisine consists mainly of meat and dairy products. And also some hints of Russian and Chinese cuisine because of sharing of borders and deep historic ties. Also, Mongolian foods have their own variety of dishes, so here are 22 Dishes that we recommend you to try.

  1. Khorkhog
  2. Boodog
  3. Guriltai Shul
  4. Mongolian Hotpot
  5. Buzz
  6. Tsuivan
  7. Khuushuur
  8. Budaatai Huurga
  9. Uuz
  10. Chanasan Makh
  11. Bansh
  12. Uuts
  13. Gambir
  14. Boortsog
  15. Ul Boov
  16. Aaruul
  17. Tarag
  18. Eezgii
  19. Zookhii
  20. Airag
  21. Suutei Tsai
  22. Vodka/Milk Vodka
  23. House Meat
  24. Wild Fruit Juice

So, this is our recommendation for you to try Mongolian Cuisine. Firstly, let us know by commenting on your favorite Mongolian dish. And secondly, if you know any other famous dish, then do share with all via comments.

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