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Packed with adventure-filled tasks, gossip, comedy, and a lot of drama, Roadies is one of the best shows on Indian television. The youth of India always waits eagerly for the next season, and they just can’t get enough of it. In fact, it is the dream of many youngsters in India to be a participant in Roadies, but only a few have what it takes to be one. 

However, there are some hot hunks and some beautiful girls who have got the chance to become true Roadies by winning a season. This has given them immense popularity on TV and amongst Indian audiences. Today, we will read about all the Roadies winners who have made special places in the hearts of the Indian youth. 

Season 1- Rannvijay Singha

Rannvijay Singha, who has now become a famous personality and a heartthrob, was once a young boy full of valor and zeal.  He auditioned for the first season of Roadies, and guess what; he took his journey to the end and ended up winning the first season ever of Roadies. He won the 2003 season of Roadies and bagged the prize money of Rs. 5 Lakh. Today, he is a judge on the Roadies show and is one of the most known faces of MTV Roadies. He also works as an actor, host, and presenter on various shows on TV today. 

Season 2 – Ayushmann Khurana

Who doesn’t know Ayushmann Khurana? But very few people know that he began his journey by participating in and winning the second season of Roadies, which came out in the year 2004. He got the prize money of Rs. 5 Lakhs. Today, he is a famous actor, host, singer, dancer, and all-over entertainer. 

Season 3- Parul Shahi

Parul Shahi became the first ever woman to win a season of Roadies in the 3rd season, which came out in the year 2005. With great strength and vigor, she ended up bagging the title and the prize money of Rs. 3.6 Lakhs. 

Season 4- Anthony Yeh

The fourth season of Roadies came out in the year 2006, and the winner of the season was Anthony Yeh. The runner-up of the season was Gurbani Judge, who evidently went on to become more famous than the winner itself! Anthony Yeh, on the other hand, could not become as successful. 

Season 5- Ashutosh Kaushik

Season 5 of Roadies was different as it was shot in multiple locations outside of India and came out in 2007. Ashutosh Kaushik became the winner of this season and went on to participate in season 2 of Bigg Boss, which also he won! He is working as an actor and model in Mumbai today and has been a part of a few movies and TV series. 

Season 6- Nauman Sait

The 6th season of Roadies was called Hell Down Under. This season of Roadies was filmed in India and Australia and came on TV screens in 2008. The winner of the season was Nauman Sait, who defeated more than the regular number of contestants ever on Roadies to become the winner. 

Season 7- Anwar Syed

The 7th season of Roadies was released in the year 2009 and was called 7 Deadly Sins and 1 Wild Safari. This season was shot in Kenya and Egypt, besides some locations in India. The winner of the season was Anwar Syed. 

Season 8- Aanchal Khurana

The second-ever girl to win a Roadies season was Aanchal Khurana, who was the Roadies 8 winner. This season was called Shortcut to Hell and came out in the year 2011. After the show, Aanchal gained popularity and went on to act in multiple other TV shows. 

Season 9- Vikas Khoker

The 9th season of Roadies was released in the year 2012 and had the tagline “Everything or Nothing.” Vikas Khoker won the season and ended up getting the highest prize money any winner had ever got in any Roadies season to date- 6 Lakh rupees. He won his way by indulging in a lot of controversies and drama. 

Season 10- Palak Johal

Palak Johal became the 3rd woman ever to win a Roadies show by winning the 10th season of the show, The season was called Battle For Glory, and Palak literally fought her way to victory. The season was released in 2013, and Palak Johal got prize money of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs by winning the season. 

Season 11- Nikhil sachdeva

A Delhi boy named Nikhil Sachdeva won the title of Roadies in the 11th season. The season aired in 2014 and was called Ride for Respect. The show was hosted by VJ Bani. Nikhil earlier auditioned for the 10th season of the show but was rejected as he was overweight. However, he came into shape and re-auditioned for the 11th season and ended up winning the season with prize money of Rs. 3.2 Lakhs

Season 12- Prince Narula

Apart from Ayushman Khurana and Rannvijay, Prince Narula has to be the most famous Roadies winner ever. He won the 12th season of Roadies, which aired in 2015. This hunk was full of energy and performed all the tasks on the show in the best manner and was, of course, ravishingly handsome. His funny and charming personality wooed the fans. 

He won a cash prize of Rs. 5 Lakhs and a Hero Karizma ZMR bike, which he gifted to the first runner-up of the show, who was his good friend. After this, he went on to participate in the 8th season of MTV Splitsvilla, which also he won. 

Later, he became the ultimate winner by bagging the trophy for one of the best seasons of Bigg Boss, season 9. He also participated in “Nach Baliye” with his partner Yuvika Choudhary and guess what, he won that show too! Today, he is a judge in Roadies and a really good friend of Rannvijay Singha. People often call him the “Ultimate King.” 

Season 14- Balraj Singh

Season 14 of Roadies was called Your Gang, Your Glory and was aired in 2016. Producers decided to skip the X3 season and launched an X4 season after X2. Balraj Singh became the first ever turbaned Sikh to win the title of Roadies in this season. He got a Renault Duster for his victory. 

Season 15- Shweta Mehta

The next season of Roadies aired in 2017, and the Roadies X4 winner was Shweta Mehta. The season was called Roadies Rising, whose winner, Shweta, defeated 22 contestants to win the season. As the winner, she got Renault Duster as her prize. 

Season 16- Kashish Thakur

The Roadies 15 winner was the dashing and charming Kashish Thakur. It was called Roadies Xtreme and was aired in 2018. The season was shot in North-East India and hosted by Rannvijay Singh. Kashish won the car Renault Duster as the victory prize. 

Season 17- Arun Sharma

The 17th season of Roadies was an exciting season with a much larger fanbase, as it was aired on MTV as well as the OTT platform Voot. The show was called Real Heroes and aired in 2019. It was filmed in the southern parts of India and comprised some outstanding tasks. It had Prince, Nikhil, Neha, Raftaar, and Sandeep as Gang Leaders, which makes it more exciting. The winner of Roadies real heroes was Arun Sharma, who was a part of the Gang Raftaar. As the winning gift, he received a Droom used Super Bike.  

Season 18- Hamid Barkzi

The ravishing hot boy from Delhi, Hamid Barkzi, was the winner of the 18th season of Roadies, which aired in 2020. The season was called “Revolution.” The Roadies Revolution winner won a Jawa Bike as his winning prize, along with a trophy. Hamid became a famous Instagram influencer who indulges in traveling and lifestyle vlogging. 

Season 19- Nandini G & Ashish Bhatia

After a long wait of 2 years (due to the pandemic), the 19th season was released in the year 2022. It is the latest season and was shot in South Africa. The name of the season was “Journey in South Africa.” It is the latest season of Roadies, and the winners ended up winning Rs. 10 Lakh, which is the highest prize in Roadies ever. It was the first time there were two winners. The season was hosted by the very own man of valor- Sonu Sood. Also, it was aired on Voot along with MTV. 

Final Words

The shoot for the next season of Roadies is in progress, and fans are eagerly waiting for the 19th season in 2023. We are sure the new season will be full of adventure and excitement, just like all the seasons above. 

Roadies has given the TV industry some of the most talented actors and actresses, such as Ayushman Khurana, Shalin Bhanot, Pooja Banerjee, Mihut Hiranandani, Bani J, Vishal Karwal, and many more. While all of these were not winners, they got their way to fame after winning this amazing reality show. 

The ratings of Roadies haven’t dropped since its beginning, and we hope it continues touching heights and entertaining us with its mind-blowing content every year! Which one of the above-mentioned Roadies winners is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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