15 Signs your Family doesn’t Care about You

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The family members are the first people that you interact with in this world. They are the ones who influence your whole life and raise you. These are the people that will stay with you for a lifetime. Hence it is important to have a safe space for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, some people don’t share a great bond with their family.

It is quite natural to expect love and support from your family, but not all families are perfect. Sometimes they fail to provide the care and attention you deserve. It can be really heart-breaking and disappointing.

However, sometimes family can be manipulative and can have a long-lasting negative impact on your life. This can trigger many issues. Although we all go through some hard times with our family. You need to know the difference between a casual fight and a lack of love. So if you feel neglected by your family, here are 15 signs your family doesn’t care about you.

1. They Don’t Care about your Opinion

One of the major signs is that they won’t care about your opinions or point of view. So whenever you try to make a point or give your opinion, they will just ignore you.

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We all have different opinions, and it is okay to have a different point of view, but they must respect your opinion. This ignorance by your own family can be really frustrating and heart-breaking.

So this is a sign that you should not ignore, and you need to have a talk with your family regarding this. This is not normal, and they must respect your individuality, and they need to listen to you.

2. They Say Mean things to you

They focus on your flaws, and they say mean things to you or behind your back. This is a major sign that your family doesn’t care about you. Moreover, they will discourage you by saying mean things to you.

This can be extremely hurtful and can have a really deep impact, especially at a very young age. So, if you are going through this, you need to address this issue and talk to your parents or family members.

3. They Don’t take you to Family Events

Another major sign that your family doesn’t care about you is that they don’t include you in their plans. Moreover, they don’t take you along to any family event. This is an obvious sign that they are embarrassed about you and don’t want to take you to any family gatherings.

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Going to the family gatherings is a core memory for most of kids. It’s really important and helps you grow a strong bond with your family. So if they are ignoring you, then they definitely don’t care about you, and this is the time that you need to talk to your family about this.

4. They Neglect your Needs

Nothing hurts more than being neglected by your own family members. A caring family is really important for a good upbringing and a healthy environment. Family should be the one taking care of your needs, especially when you are in your teenage. This negligence can hurt you and can make you feel frustrated.

Does your family fail to remember your birthday? Or they forgot to pick you up from work? This is an absolute sign that your family doesn’t care about you. So if you are feeling the same, then you must take action and talk to your parents and family members about this. In the longer run, this can have a deep impact on your mind. 

5. They Break Promises

Family should be the one you trust the most, and if they keep on breaking their promises. If they never stick to their promises, then you need to talk to them. This is a clear sign that your family doesn’t care about you.

However, as a kid, this can be really hurtful. Later in your life, this can lead to trust issues and an insecure attachment style. I am not saying that they should agree with everything you are saying, but they should stick to their promises and words.

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This is extremely important for forming a healthy bond with your family you need to develop a foundation of trust. I know that they can’t fulfill all your demands and sometimes they might have to cancel a few plans. But if this happens all the time, then they definitely don’t care about you.

6. They Feel like you aren’t Good Enough for them

Do you always feel like you are never good enough for your family? Does your family make you feel like you are a failure? Then this is a clear sign that your family doesn’t care about you.

No matter how much you try to prove yourself but they will always criticize you and constantly compare you to someone else.

Moreover, they will criticize you regularly and never acknowledge your efforts. A family that doesn’t care about you will never appreciate your accomplishments. However, they can criticize you on everything from your life choices to your clothes as well.

On top of that, you have to brace yourself before even talking to them because you know that they will criticize you no matter what.

This can impact you deeply and even have an impact on your psyche. So if you feel like you aren’t good enough for them or they are constantly degrading you, then it’s high time. You need to tell them about this.

7. They Never ask About how you are Doing

Do you feel like your family don’t show interest whenever you are talking to them? People who genuinely care about you will always show interest and ask you how you are doing. So if your parents or family doesn’t really check on you, then this is another sign that they don’t really care about you.

This is a serious problem if your family doesn’t care about you. In the longer run, this can harm your mental health severely. 

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Sometimes it’s normal they might be busy and have other things to talk about. However, if this happens very often, then this is a reason to worry. This definitely means that they don’t care about you. So you should not ignore this sign and have a talk with them regarding this.

8. They don’t take you Seriously

Do you share your problems with your family, and they are unbothered? Do you feel unheard whenever you talk to them or share your opinion with them? This can be extremely frustrating because the family should be the one standing by your side.

So if you are not getting much support from your family, then this is not normal. This can impact you deeply and, at times, make you feel worthless.

For instance, you might be telling them that you are feeling bad about something, and they just tell you to stop being worried over small things. So if you are feeling that your opinion and feeling don’t matter to your family members, then you need to take some action.

You can just simply get ignored in your own family. So it’s high time you should take a stand for yourself and talk to them about your feelings.

9. They Never Include you in their Plans

If your family doesn’t include you in their plans, then this is a major sign that your family doesn’t care about you. While everyone cancels plans sometimes but if this happens very often with you, then you should not ignore this.

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For instance, even if you try to make a plan with them, then they try to avoid you or come up with an excuse every time. This is unacceptable. 

This can be really hurtful, and this will detach you from your family. So if you are going through this, then you should take a step for yourself and talk to your parents and family.

10. They Invade your Privacy and don’t Respect your Boundaries

Do you feel like your family doesn’t respect your boundaries? They don’t understand the concept of personal boundaries and space. This can destroy your mental peace and make your life difficult. However, this can make you feel uncomfortable in your own house.

It is quite natural to be upset about this. Everyone should be given their private space, and they should also respect your personal boundaries.

They might not understand why you are getting mad over such a thing. Moreover, they might tell you that you are being overdramatic. So you need to make them understand that this is a serious issue and they must respect your personal space. 

11. They blame you for everything

Do you feel your family blames you for everything? Whether you do something wrong or not, you are always to be blamed by your family.

Moreover, they might be blaming everything on you because they find it much easier to blame than actually tackling the issue. This can really make you feel frustrated and hurt you. However, this can also harm your image as well.

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So it’s high time that you stop taking the blame and talk to your family members about this. This can really bother you, and you need to take a step for yourself. So do not ignore this sign and confront your family members.

12. They Never Appreciate you

Getting appreciated is very important for a kid’s upbringing. This can boost your confidence and help you get a better perspective.

So if your family members never appreciate you, then this can hurt you and discourage you. Moreover, they will be extremely critical of you and might compare you with others as well.

This is something that you can’t ignore. While growing up, if you don’t get appreciation from your loved one, this can shatter your confidence.

You need to take a stand for yourself, and you should get that support from your family and loved ones. Getting criticized by your own family can have a deep impact on you. Which is why you should not ignore this sign.

13. They try to Control

Does your family have a set of rules for you to follow? Do you have to behave a certain way with your family? If you live with your family and they try to control you? This can be really frustrating and can make you feel uncomfortable in your own house.

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So if your family tries to control you and make you follow their terms, then this is a sign your family doesn’t care for you.

However, your family might threaten you to follow their terms and rules, or they might give you silent treatment. This can create a toxic environment in your family. Moreover, this is a clear and obvious sign that your family doesn’t care about you.

14. You Can’t be your True Self with them

If you live with your family and you have to be pretentious in your own house, then this can be extremely hurtful. Do you feel that your family will not accept you the way you are? Then this is an absolute sign that your family doesn’t care about you.

If your family can’t let go of the version they expect you to be, then this can make you feel uncomfortable in your own house.

You can be hiding your real self or your true personality in your own house, Right? This can be frustrating and hurtful. So you need to step up and confront your family members.

15. You Can’t Communicate with them

Communication is the key to a healthy bond in a family. So if you find it difficult to communicate with your family members, then this is a major sign that your family doesn’t care about you.

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Your family should be the one with whom you can share anything without any hesitation. Moreover, if they cant create a safe space for you, then it is such a disgrace.

You need to confront them and start having conversations with your family. Take a step ahead and try to talk to them. Start building a relationship with them. It is never too late to restart a bond. So if you want to develop a healthy relation and bond with your family then you should start communicating with them.


Finally, we can say that establishing a strong relationship with family is crucial for children. In this post, we discussed the important signs your family doesn’t give you the necessary attention and care.

Failure to receive love from family could result in many issues in children’s personalities. So, it is wise to address this subject by talking to parents at the earliest.

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