Tequilla Price List for Various Tequilla Brands in India

We all love hanging out and enjoying ourselves with our friends and loved ones. As we get older, the frequency with which we are able to hang out with our friends goes down. That only means that the moments we do get to spend with them are even more treasured. 

Be it a fancy dinner, a potluck, a bonfire, or even a recreational trip. Every moment spent with loved ones is a gem, no matter what activity you do. 

Another constant in most gatherings is alcohol. As the famous F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo once said, “the solution for both happy and sad moments is alcohol.” It may seem like a controversial statement to some. 

But let’s be honest, things are usually better and more enjoyable with alcohol (provided it is consumed responsibly).

One of the most enjoyable drinks in the market is none other than Tequila. There’s a famous saying, ”when life gives you a lemon, you cut it in half and use it with tequila shots”. In all seriousness, Tequila has a long and interesting history. 

According to evidence, Tequila used to be a staple in the diet during 150 BC. Even during the dreadful Spanish flu in 1918, people were instructed to include Tequila along with lemon and salt to help against the flu.

Tequila prices used to be through the roof during the period but nowadays, the prices have gone down significantly.

Well, nowadays, Tequila is mainly used as a smooth liquor. This aged drink is considered to be one of the classiest and most elegant forms of alcohol in the market. Here in this blog, we will look at some of the finest brands of Tequila available in the Indian market. 

We will also cover how much percentage of alcohol each has and what the tequila prices are in the market. Before we move ahead and look at the brands, we should first explain the types of Tequila. 

Types of Tequila

Blanco Tequila (Silver)

This is the most basic and easily available Tequila in the market. Blanco tequila is a clear form of Tequila and is packaged immediately after distillation. This Silver Tequila is considered to be most close to the taste of the Agave plant.

Joven Tequila (Gold)

This is one of the rarest forms of Tequila. Interestingly, this Tequila is blended with other forms of aged Tequila, which makes it rare. You may think that this Tequila is naturally ” Gold,” but that is unfortunately not the case. The gold color comes from caramel or some form of syrups added.

Reposado Tequila

This is one of the best forms of tequila one can ask for. Reposado tequila is actually an aged tequila. This Tequila is generally aged in wooden barrels. The barrels are generally American or French oak barrels. 

Anejo Tequila

This, again, is a form of aged Tequila. The main difference between Reposado and Anejo tequila is the time period they are aged for. While reposado tequila is generally aged for less than a year, Anejo tequila is aged for about 1 to 3 years.

Extra Anejo

By its name alone, you can guess that it means extra-aged Tequila. Extra Anejo tequila is also aged in American or French oak barrels. They are generally aged for more than three years to provide maximum flavor. 

Naturally, tequila prices vary regarding the types as Blanco is the cheapest and Extra Anejo the most expensive.

Now that we have covered our bases with the types of Tequila available in the market. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the best brands of Tequila in the market. 

Before we commence, please note that this list is in the order of tequila prices and not in the order of their quality.

Top Brands of Tequila In The Indian Market

1. DesmondJi

This brand of Tequila is all-Indian. DesmondJi offers its Tequila in five variants. Technically these spirits can not be called Tequila as that name is only reserved for products made in Mexico. Despite that, they come as close to the real thing as possible. 

DesmondJi is owned by one of the best-known Micro-Distillery in India and is located in Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking of this tequila price, DesmondJi goes for about Rs- 2000 for a bottle of 750ml. The alcohol content specified in this liquor is 37.14%.

2. LaChica 

If you want to go for a pocket-friendly authentic Mexican tequila, then LaChica is the way to go. This authentic Mexican Tequila has smooth and clean notes. LaChica is generally used as a mix in margaritas. The aftertaste of this amazing drink is earthy. 

Let’s talk about money now. LaChica tequila will generally set you back about Rs. 2500 for a bottle of 750ml. This alcohol content is also at 38%. 

3. Don Julio 

Any drinks aficionados will have definitely heard about the name Don Julio. Don Julio is not only one of the best tasting tequila but is also the largest company according to brand value. The secret of Don Julio tequila is the clay soils of Los Altos, Mexico. 

Speaking of taste, Don Julio has fruity and citrusy notes. 

You may think that as this is one of the biggest companies so their prices will be inflated as well, but that is actually not true. This tequila price makes it one of the best affordable in the market. A bottle of 750ml goes for about Rs. 3000. 

Don Julio is a little stronger than LaChica and DesmondJi as it has about 40% alcohol content.

4. Don Angel 

This may seem like a different variant of the aforementioned Don Julio, but that is not the case, though there are some similarities. Don Angel is also a Mexican-based tequila. Don Angel tequila is a clear tequila, but it is generally used to make cocktails. 

Moreover, this crisp Tequila is a non-aged tequila. 

The tequila price of this silver Tequila is about Rs 3100 for a bottle of 750ml. The alcohol content is also a standard 38%. 

5. Pepe Lopez Tequila

Established in 1963, Pepe Lopez is an award-winning international tequila. Interestingly, Pepe Lopez is also based in the town of Tequila, Mexico. As it’s based on the namesake of Tequila, you can rest assured that the quality is of premium standard. 

Another amazing fact about this Tequila is that it’s actually made with a blend of the blue agave plant and spring water.

Price-wise, this is one of the best affordable drinks. Especially when you consider the quality, spending around Rs. 3600 for a 750ml bottle is a bargain. As with the rest of the tequilas, this also has 38% alcohol content.

6. Sauza Tequila

Also based in the birthplace of Tequila, i.e., Mexico, our next brand is Sauza Tequila. This brand of Tequila is actually the most common in the Indian market. This might be due to the fact that Sauza is one of the premium tequila brands available for not a lot of money. 

Flavour-wise, this Tequila is full of freshness and natural agave flavor.

Sauza tequila is considered to be one of the most premium tequila brands in India. But the tequila bottle price will pleasantly surprise you as a 750ml bottle goes for about Rs. 4100. The alcohol content in this premium tequila is slightly above standard at 40%. 

7. Sierra Tequila

Based in the famous city of Guadalajara, Mexico, Sierra tequila is famous for having an extremely strong and elegant flavor. Due to its strong taste, Sierra tequila is used as a mix of margaritas and other cocktails. 

A distinct factor in their flavor is the fact that they have grown their Agave plants for more than 40 years without any fertilizers.

Despite the enormous effort and time required for this Tequila, the tequila price seems very genuine. A tequila bottle price of 750ml Sierra Tequila will set your pockets back around Rs. 4300. 

Another bonus of this Tequila is that they give you the option to opt for either 38% alcohol content or 40%. 

8. Jose Cuervo 

Jose Cuervo was actually the first company in the world to make Tequila commercially. Its history goes all the way back to 1795. As they were the first company to sell Tequila, it should come as no surprise that they are based in Mexico. 

Unlike many other companies, Jose Cuervo is still going strong and is considered to be one of the best tequilas available in the world. 

One of the factors that have helped Jose Cuervo to still sit atop is the fact that this is one of the best affordable tequila in the market. The tequila price of premium 750ml tequila will cost about Rs. 4500. 

This should be considered a very good deal considering the quality and the history of the Tequila. The alcohol content is a standard 38%, but some variants also come with an option of 40% alcohol content.

9. El Capo

Our final two entries in this blog are considered to be proper top-shelf tequilas. The first on our list is the El Capo tequila. El Capo is one of the most reputed Mexican Tequila. This premium tequila has fruity notes, but it comes with a twist of spices from peppers. 

This Tequila is aged for about nine months in Oak barrels before being packed. 

El Capo’s claim to fame is their extra-aged Tequila. Although this Tequila is not so pocket friendly, it should be considered for special occasions as they are of premium quality. The tequila price is about Rs. 10000 for a bottle of 750 ml. 

The alcohol content of this Tequila stands at 40%.

10. Gran Patron Tequila

Our final entry in this blog is none other than Gran Patron Tequila. This is the most expensive Tequila available in the Indian market. One of the reasons this premium tequila is so expensive is that it’s completely handmade. 

In a world full of machines, they are still doing things in old ways, and we’re glad they are. Moreover, this Tequila brand in India is full of fruity and citrusy notes. 

As this is one of the most popular and flavourful tequilas, combined with the fact that it is handmade, the tequila prices are fairly high. A bottle of 750ml Gran Patron Tequila will cost about Rs. 42000. The alcohol content for this Tequila is slightly above standard and sits at 40%.


With the above entry, we have reached the end of our blog. As we have discussed the best affordable tequila available to buy in India and the tequila prices as well. We hope that it will help you in choosing the right one for you.

While it is in no way necessary to have alcohol to have a good time, there is no denying that times and vibes are more fun when drinks are flowing. 

Sure, one must be careful not to make it a daily habit, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt, especially when you’re with your young ones. 

We just have to be a little responsible while drinking. Keep in mind,” When you drink, You never drive.”

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