Why Use Vegan Face Wash? Well, Why Not?

Girl Using Vegan Face Wash to Cleanse Skin

With the advancement of medical science, we are spoiled with options when it comes to cosmetics products. Be it hair conditioners, body wash, perfumes, or vegan products; television channels are flooded with catchy advertisements. 

These commercials convince you that using that product will give you the look of a supermodel. They may or may not. But at what cost? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. And, what’s the alternative?

Well, Vegan cosmetic products are the talk of the town. It’s quite fortunate that people around the globe have become eco-conscious. Today, people are displaying some awareness towards vegan products and shunting chemical-based products. And why shouldn’t they? 

There are zillions of reasons for doing so. You might as well, if you haven’t already, throw away that colorful bottle full of chemicals and buy a vegan face wash in about twenty minutes.

Let me give you a reality check and compile a bunch of undeniable facts that may swing the tide toward buying a vegan face wash.

The Money Matters 

The first and foremost reason that a layman thinks of is the price of a product. Before thinking about any other reason, unless it’s prescribed by a doctor, a buyer thinks of how much bigger the hole would get in his pocket. 

Woman Applying Face Wash on her face

The good news is the prices of vegan face products are comparable to any established colorful brand with a star brand ambassador.

If not cheaper, the products are not sold at higher prices than any regular chemical-based products. Not judging your judgment, but if the benefits of using a vegan face wash are manifold at the same price, then why not?

The Simplest Reason to Choose a Vegan Face Wash 

It’s not rocket science to comprehend that nature is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants important for not only our skin but our whole existence. This simple reason should be good enough to rely on a vegan face wash rather than a chemical-based one.

The list of ingredients reveals a lot about a product. Have you tried reading or pronouncing the name of the chemical written behind the bottle? The answer would be, No. We think of it as some magic potion that would heal our skin without realizing its harmful effects.

Young man washing his face with face wash

The skin is said to be the doorway to the body. When you use a natural ingredients-based face wash, you are not only nourishing your skin but your body organs as well. By using a vegan product, you are indirectly working on your internal beauty. 

You are Kind, I know!

In the name of growth and development, homo sapiens have invented ways to exploit animals for their good. Testing the harsh chemical-based products on the animals is one thing but using the animal residuals, such as wool, skin, urine, insects, etc., is a different level of cruelty.

To argue with this, many companies have launched cruelty-free products, which means that the animals do not suffer in the process. But that shouldn’t be mistaken as a vegan product because they still use harmful chemicals.

Man using face wash to clean his face

It is high time that you should help in putting an end to this cruelty and start using a vegan face wash. Trust me; you will sleep with a clear conscience.

A Quick Digestive System For Skin

Now, you would think, what does the digestive system have to do with a vegan face wash? Before I connect the dots for you, it’s really important to be clear that using a vegan face wash doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle to be completely vegan. 

If you relish some chicken kebab or a mutton biryani on a fine evening, it will likely take 24 hours to digest completely and get out of the system. On the other hand, if you enjoyed a green salad or a spinach dish, it will be digested in five hours.

Similarly, our skin has a digestive system. It takes longer for our skin to absorb the harsh chemicals, but it absorbs the vegan products way faster and processes all the nourishing elements quickly. So, who wants faster results?? Raise your hands, please.

No Loss if No Profit

Did you ever wonder why the chemical-based face wash has instructions to try the product on any other part of your to rule out any allergic reaction and end up with a burn or swollen face? By giving such instructions, these companies try to cover their backs.

If you use a vegan face wash, you don’t have to worry about any allergic reaction because all the ingredients are plant-based. If you feel that you are not benefiting enough from organic face wash, then you won’t even lose anything. 

Furthermore, vegan products are harmless to every skin type, unlike harmful chemical-based washes. You may or may not get glowing skin with a vegan wash for the face, but you surely won’t get burnt.

Leave a better EARTH

In recent times we have witnessed devastating news about floods, droughts, soil degradation, pollution, etc from every corner of the world. The animal agriculture industry has a lot to blame for.

Woman cleaning his face using cruelty free face wash

Millions of trees are cut to set up animal agriculture units. Those animals are used for testing beauty products and are dumped after use. Therefore, it has disturbed the balance of the environment and contributed to the dead zones in the oceans.

Now we must curtail this menace so that we can help mother earth and leave a better planet for future generations. Using Vegan Face wash is a baby step towards this bigger goal.

Abundance Variety 

If you think there is a shortage of options in vegan products, then you are mistaken. Many big companies have jumped into the fray. Try searching for a beauty product and you will see more than 50 options. PETA is doing intense efforts to spread the light on this subject. 

Be the Change you Want to See in the World

You don’t have to be a Greta Thunberg to make yourself count. You also don’t have to start an NGO to make this world a better place. One of the many steps you can take is to switch to vegan products. 

Woman applying face wash on her face

Also, you might ignite the spark, and people around you will start following your trail. Do your bit to set the norm of using vegan products and make it the first choice of buying. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

In the past few decades, so many species of birds and insects have gone extinct. The reason is the disruption of the food chain. The addition of poisonous biodegradable plastics in the environment has caused this extinction. The used plastic containers of chemical-based products are thrown into the environment, which becomes poisonous over some time.

Vegan face cleansers are brought into the markets with recyclable and environment-friendly packaging. If we can’t plant trees because of our busy lives, then we can at least shop smartly to share our bit of contribution to the environment.

Concluding Thoughts

You could be a loyal customer of a big brand, or you buy it because your favorite celebrity endorses it. But the facts we mentioned in this article should surely enlighten a prudent man about why using a vegan face wash is so crucial for you.

On top of the benefits you get from vegan face products, you can play a significant role in saving mother earth by helping in the reduction of the environmental footprint. 

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