What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field? – The Complete Guide

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What companies are in the consumer services field? But first, let us understand what the consumer services field is. To begin with, the consumer services sector is a broad and diverse field. It includes a wide variety of company structures. Those company that provides goods and services to end-users – their customers.

These companies could be anything ranging from hotels to restaurants to retail stores. Consumer services are offered today by many businesses in different categories. They could be differentiated from one another based on the goods they sell or the services they offer. Also the demographics of their customers.

What are Consumer Companies?

So, what are consumer companies then? Any company that makes and sells products that are intended for direct use by the customer.

People needs and will need goods and services all the time. Therefore this industry will continue to grow as long as the customer needs goods and services.

Types of Consumer Services

As mentioned earlier that consumer services are offered in different categories. As it is based on the services they offer. So these services could be anything like education and training courses, household cleaning, food delivery, grocery delivery, healthcare, financial support, etc.

Why Consumer Services?

Consumer services are the main fuel behind a business’s growth. Because the consumers are not satisfied, they will not come. And this way, the business will suffer. So, consumer services are the services and support you offer to your customer. This could be any assistance or support they need from you.

Consumer Services Companies in India

It is not the published data. But just randomly selected companies based on some research. Now, let’s look at what companies are in the consumer services field in India.

1. HealthKart

HealthKart is a leading nutrition and supplement platform based in Gurgaon, India. It offers a wide range of products, engagement tools, and expert assistance for all your wellness and fitness needs. Also, it was founded by Sameer Maheshwari, an IIT and Harvard Business School graduate.

HealthKart is your one-stop fitness and health destination. They follow an omnichannel distribution strategy with more than 100 retail stores which is spread across 35 cities. On top of that, they have a presence in modern and general trade as well. Also, on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and many more.

2. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service. They are in Beauty and Wellness Industry. It ships weekly boxes of fresh ingredients along with recipes that help to make mealtime easier. It operates on a subscription basis. But, the subscribers can change the plan they are on at any time on their consumer page. They can also pause or cancel their subscription anytime they want.

They have a variety of meal plans based on dietary preferences. Also, the consumers can choose to get two or four servings of each recipe. It could be in any plan they choose and also enough ingredients for anywhere from three to six recipes per week. So, this company, according to us, should be there in what companies are in the consumer services field list.

3. Super Highway Labs (Shuttl)

Shuttl was founded in 2015, it is India’s largest office commute service provider. And, they are in Consumer Product Hire Industry. They have the mission of solving the pain of commute. By offering a space-efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for urban India.

It addressed both the problems in India. Those are congestion and pollution. So, they provide a solution and acts as a catalyst to shift from private vehicle to shared mobility. Therefore, a win-win for both citizens and the city.

They also offer bus owners on their platform the latest technology, better financing, and relevant training. This helps them scale and participate in offering a smarter, safer, and greener solution to bus riders.

This is India’s largest bus aggregating platform. As of now, it serves over 1,00,000 rides daily in seven cities including Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

4. Park+(India)

Anything you need from parking reservation to renew car insurance, FASTag recharge to FASTag purchase, real-time fuel price information to knowing your nearest PUC Center, Park+ has so many things to offer. Therefore, you could say Park+ is the only app that a car owner needs.

Also, it helps you get daily car cleaning, view e-challans, and check your car health.

Leading Companies in the Consumer Services Field

We just discussed some of the consumer services companies in India. Now, let’s look at what companies are in the consumer services field that is leading today.

These are just randomly picked companies based on our research. And, it is not from any published data.

1. Amazon

Laptop with an Online Shopping Courier Placed on it

Amazon’s consumer services field is one of the best resources for customers. They provide lots of services which are so useful for the customers. For example, their 30-day free trial of its Prime membership service.

The major benefit of this service is two-day free shipping on most items sold on the Amazon website. Also, the prime members have access to the whole library of movies, web series, shows, etc. And, it could be accessed anytime during the period of your membership.

Their consumer services also provide a subscription service for their grocery delivery service. With this service, the consumers get fresh veggies delivered to their doorstep.

2. Airbnb

a luxury Airbnb rented apartment

We all know that the sharing economy is booming. Sharing or renting is the new normal. One of the most popular in this field is Airbnb.

It allows people to rent out rooms in their homes to travelers. Because of this consumer services field company, the hotel industry is disrupted. Also, the company has faced many challenges and difficulties. Despite that, Airbnb is still growing and is also a dominant player in sharing economy.

3. Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company - A Consumer Service Firm

Yes, Walt Disney Company is in the consumer service industry. As it offers products and services to its customers that improve the quality of their life. The services provided by the company are movies, music, television, theme parks, etc.

Its mission is to make people happy through creativity and presenting something new. This company is one of the most popular brands and is a leader in the consumer services industry.


In this article on what companies are in the consumer services field, what consumer services field is, what are consumer companies, types of consumer services and what consumer services are, and then we discussed some consumer services companies in India and at last, we saw leading companies in the consumer services industry.

The consumer services field is a diverse and wide field that includes different companies. They are based on what services they are offering and to what demographics of the customers.

Consumer services is a booming field and it is definite to grow in the future. Because it provides services to end customers. As long as consumers need the services, they will grow. If you are interested in helping out the queries of the customers, this field is good to get in. Also, there are so many companies established in this sector, and many more are coming up every day.

Read this article to know everything about the consumer services field. Also, what companies are famous in this field? We all are having the benefit of these services. Share your experiences and let us and others know anything more about this field.

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