What is the Marathi Name of Tuna Fish?

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Tuna fish is quite popular among fish eaters across the world, including India. Out of curiosity to know its name meaning in the native language, a Marathi person searched for the “Marathi name of tuna fish”.

To his query, the response he got from the search engine google was quite surprising. Google displayed the answer – Paani Mein Utar Ke Machi ko Puch Lavde. However, in reality, its answer should be “Kupa Musa.” That’s what it is called in the Marathi language.

After this, the furore erupted in the digital world and led to a controversy. Not just this, but many social media channels and websites started making memes about it.

Person frying tuna fish meat in pan

In order to make fun of it, many people started giving wrong and expletive answers to this question. And the obscene and degrading response received a harsh response from the Marathi natives.

You might be wondering, what made the world’s best search engine made to show such an answer?” Well, I have decoded the reason for it in the next section. Additionally, I have discussed the aftereffect of the wrong search result from Google.

Google Displaying Incorrect Result for the Query

Google showcased this result because it took the answer from a forum website, WhatisSchool.com. On this site, many people answer the question, “what is the Marathi name of Tuna Fish?” Some answered it correctly – Kupa Masa.

But most users wrote wrong answers and made pranks on this query. Google’s algorithm picked up a wrong answer – Paani me utarke machi ko puch lavde.

Google's web page

With immediate effect, many Marathi users started condemning such an obscene and disgracing response to the question. Also, a category of people started making memes about it. And this topic started getting a good response on the internet.

Meme Craze and Furore Among Marathi People 

After the wrong search result, its screenshots started circulating online. And it has also given digital creators the space to create memes based on it. The translation of “paani mein utarke machi ko puch lavde” reads “get in the water and ask the fish yourself dickhead.”

It was in January 2022 when the screenshots of Google’s search results started going viral online. Many social media channels also gained thousands of views on the memes about the search result.

Once this topic came to people’s notice, they started writing the correct answer on the language translation website. And they also started downvoting the wrong answers given by many users.

Man Selling Tuna Fish

In fact, many Marathi-speaking people (especially from Maharasthra) reacted angrily to such a search result. They didn’t just object to the answer but also criticize people who tried to defame the Marathi language.


Conclusively, I could say that Tuna Fish is one of the favorite food items among global people. It is evident from the rapid growth of the global tuna fish market.

And nobody would have thought that a search query based on this fish type would create furore in the digital arena.

Certainly, the wrong answer to the Marathi translation of Tuna Fish has hurt the Marathi-speaking people beyond any limit. However, now google has displayed the correct translation of tuna fish in Marathi.

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